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    Art Brokerage: James Lumbers Canadian Artist: b. 1929. James Lumbers (born 1929) is a Canadian artist. He is known for his wilderness landscapes, nostalgic images of Canada's past, and portraits. He is most noted for his heritage Moments in Time series where he combines historical photographs and records with present-day imagery to create historical tributes. Lumbers has contributed time and supported many charities over the years. He has appeared on many TV and radio shows and numerous newspaper and magazine articles have been written about him. He decided to establish his own Publishing Company in 1991 and published his own work and the work of other Canadian Artists that needed support. In 1973 Lumbers was elected a Fellow of the Explorers Club of New York and he also became a member of the Society of Animal Artists of New York. He has been documented in Who's Who in American Art and a Dictionary of International Biographies in the UK. Lumbers work can be found in collections around the world. In 1993 a book was published representing his work up to that time. Listings wanted.

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