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    Art Brokerage: Jim Wilcox American Artist: Well-known landscape artist Jim Wilcox lives and works close to his favorite scenes. His home and studio are across the highway from a national elk refuge near Jackson Hole, Wyoming. His favorite painting subject is the Teton Mountain Range of which he paints thousands of plein air landscapes, but he also travels widely to paint landscapes, including ocean scenes of Hawaii. He studied at Brigham Young University and took two years off to serve as a missionary for the Mormon Church. Following graduation, he taught art at a high school near Seattle, Washington and then moved to Jackson to become a full-time artist. Wilcox is praised for his ability to capture abstract design, light and mood in his paintings. The artist's love of nature and the scene captures the attention of the viewer. In 1987, he won the Prix de West Award at the National Cowboy Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City, and in 1994, won the coveted $50,000 Grand Prize in the Arts for the Parks contest with his beaver pond painting. Wilcox continues to win awards and praise from critics and collectors. In 2003 Jim Wilcox was named the featured artist for the Jackson Hole Fall Arts Festival. Paintings Wanted.

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Western Landscape 1980 Limited Edition Print - Jim Wilcox

Jim Wilcox

Western Landscape 1980

Limited Edition Print: Lithograph Canvas, Hand Signed, Not Numbered

Size: 18x36 in  | 46x91 cm
🔥1980 Framed Limited Edition Lithograph
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