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    Art Brokerage: John Carter British Artist: b. 1942. Born in Middlesex, Carter is best known for his abstract sculptures: constructed wall-objects that centre on the dialogue between painting and sculpture. His work shows recurrent themes of geometry, symmetry and harmony. He studied first at the Twickenham School of Art (1958) and then at Kingston School of Art until 1963, before spending time at the British School at Rome on a Leverhulme Travelling Scholarship. It was here that he made his first abstract constructed works. When he returned to England, he worked as sculptor Bryan Kneale's assistant, while also exhibiting his own work. In 1986, Carter made his first contact with European concrete and constructive artists when he exhibited in the international show Die Ecke at Galerie Hoffmann, Friedburg, Germany. He has since exhibited widely in Europe, Asia and North America. His work is represented in collections worldwide, including the Arts Council of Great Britain. Listings wanted.

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