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"Untitled Painting 28x28" by Lee White - Framed Very Well Priced Mixed Media $1,400
Untitled Painting 28x28 Original Painting by Lee White
Untitled Painting 28x28 Original Painting by Lee White - 0
Untitled Painting 28x28 Original Painting by Lee White - 1
Untitled Painting 28x28 Original Painting by Lee White - 2
Untitled Painting 28x28 Original Painting by Lee White - 3
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Lee White

"Untitled Painting 28x28"

Hand Signed : Lower Right
Condition : Excellent
Framed with Glass :
Purchased from : Private Collector 2015
Certificate of Authenticity : Art Brokerage
LID : 104755
Lee White - United States

Art Brokerage: Lee White American Artist: Lee White's first expressions of artistic creativity were recognized by his grandmother Lizzy when Lee was eight years old. Daily, she set aside time for Lee to create. At age twelve, he received the Mayor's trophy for Artists sponsored by the Miami Herald. Lee's format training began in California where he studied at the California College of Commercial Design, the City College of Los Angeles. He received a fine art degree from the California Institute of Arts. During the seventies and eighties, serigraphy became a strong medium for Lee's talent. He had the unique experience of being tutored by the famed master of printmaking, Warren Woodward. After relocating to the Southeast, Lee began working with other leading artists and printmakers. The development, evolution, birth and growth of Lee's present style, the compelling power and uniqueness of his range of humanistic insight with which Lee lays down mixed media on each canvas has matured and he has come into his own. His personal journey from Florida, upbringing in Southern California, traveling to exotic islands in the Caribbean, and finally moving to Atlanta have all contributed to an extremely diverse cultural experience from coast to coast. The emotions, color and excitement can be felt in his images. His prolific work, exquisite figuratives, abstract expressions, still lifes and collages are in private and corporate collections across the United States, in Europe and throughout the world. He died at age 56. Original Paintings wanted.