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    Art Brokerage: Linda Lundell American Artist: Linda Lundell is an outstanding artist specializing in oil paintings and fine cloisonné enamels. Not only does she paint what she sees, she has the unique ability to convey on the canvas what she is feeling and experiencing because she is so deeply connected to nature. By painting large paintings of national parks and the local flora, she immerses the viewer into a profound spiritual experience. Driven by her desire to help preserve our country's natural beauty for the generations to come, Linda shares her art to help encourage people to participate in the beauty of our planet. Capturing the living abundance of a rain forest or the transparent quality of water, she says, 'the sounds of nature are gentle and they are in harmony with my spirit.' Having received a scholarship to study in Rome, Italy, Rhode Island School of Design, and Cal State Long Beach, Linda has taught at art schools all over Southern California and has developed a unique realistic style in her oil paintings. She uses techniques like blending and mixing paints to create combinations of realistic and impressionistic paintings, unlike anything anyone else has ever done. Large canvases from a distance look absolutely real, but close up, one gets lost in abstract dabs of color. Her artistic eye searches out light because it intensifies color relationships and this is seen in her paintings, the way the sun plays off the tree bark as it peeks through the branches or reflects off the surface of a river. In terms of her cloisonné, Linda creates small three-dimensional masterpieces. She captures hummingbirds, irises, birds of paradise, horses, each alive and glowing in stunning heirlooms. She creates powerful amulets which she refers to as 'spirit medicine' using the sacred symbols of nature. A golden chalice dancing with biblical stories won an International Festival of Enamels Award. Linda also crafted a metal flute richly covered with feminine images which toured in a Smithsonian exhibit on Hand Made Musical Instruments. Starting from a small drawing, Linda bends fine gold or silver wire fillets following the contours of the drawing. These small cells are charged with colored enamels in the form of finely powdered glaze. The piece is fired at 1500 degrees five to eight times, building up layer upon layer of color. Linda uses her own specially developed technique of mixing opaque and transparent enamels in order to create rich blends of indeliable images. Unlike other artists who only flash fire their work, Linda then sands and polishes it to a high gloss, producing a unique treasure. The Mayor of San Diego thought so when he presented one of Linda's blue roses to the First Lady and President of the United States on a state visit. Linda's art and her gift is to convey the true essence of nature. Her art goes beyond art, her art is a deeply moving experience. Listings wanted.

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