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  • Martin Janecky

    Czech Republic

    Art Brokerage: Martin Janecky Czechoslovakian Glass Artist: Martin began his career with glass in a factory setting at the age of 13. While training at a school focused on glass blowing in Nový Bor in the Czech Republic, Martin began exploring sculpting methods. By the age of 20 he was employed by leading artists and designers in Sweden, Holland, South Africa and India to assist and execute specific works. Martin Janecky traveled to the United States as a demonstrating artist for the Studio at the Corning Museum of Glass. Since that time, he has served as an instructor, visiting artist or gaffer at the Corning Museum Studio, Penland School of Crafts, Pilchuck Glass School, Public Glass, Pratt Fine Arts Center, Bowling Green University, University of Miami and the University of Texas. Listings wanted.

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Juggler Glass Sculpture 2011 26 in Sculpture - Martin Janecky

Martin Janecky

Juggler Glass Sculpture 2011 26 in

Sculpture: Hand Blown Hot Sculpted Glass, Not Signed, From the edition of 218

Size: 27x15x10 in  | 67x37x25 cm
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Untitled Sculpture of Blue Hand Holding Black Unique Head 1990 14 in Sculpture - Martin Janecky

Martin Janecky

Untitled Sculpture of Blue Hand Holding Black Unique Head 1990 14 in

Sculpture: Blown Glass, Hand Signed, Unique

Size: 14x6x6 in  | 36x15x15 cm
Signed Original Blown Glass Sculpture $1,800
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Wanted: Martin Janecky

GlassSculpture: Any other works


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