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    Art Brokerage: Mei Han Canadian Artist: Inspired by Tony Robbins, Elon Musk and all those personalities who improve people's lives, Mei Han decided to motivate the world by giving free rein to her creative flair by making beautiful bronze sculptures. Each piece in her "Touch Your Soul" collection delivers an inspiring message of individual excellence and the quest for success. The creative genius of Mei Han is revealed through its fine bronzes with rich effects of metallic colors. These masterpieces embody the will and determination and will become a daily source of inspiration. Dare the full power! Listings wanted.

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Prosperity Bronze Sculpture 16 in Sculpture - Mei Han

Mei Han

Prosperity Bronze Sculpture 16 in

Sculpture: Bronze, Foundry Signature w/ Stamp, From the Edition of 50

Size: 16x6x7 in  | 41x15x18 cm
🔥Limited Edition Bronze Sculpture - Inquire
Motivated Seller
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Fearless Bronze Sculpture 18 in Sculpture - Mei Han

Mei Han

Fearless Bronze Sculpture 18 in

Sculpture: Bronze, Foundry Signature w/ Stamp, From the Edition of 50

Size: 17x4x4 in  | 44x10x10 cm
🔥Limited Edition Bronze Sculpture - Inquire
Motivated SellerReduced
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