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  • Nicholas Yust

    United States

    Art Brokerage: Park West Artist Nicholas Yurst American Artist: Yust was born in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1978. He first explored his passion for art after completing high school, enrolling in fine art and art history courses at the University of Cincinnati's School of Design, Art, Architecture, and Planning. For two years, he focused on abstract oil pastels and interior architecture, after which he transferred to Wright State University to study engineering and pursue his technical interests. During his time there, he interned and worked for the United States Air Force at Wright Patterson AFB, researching superconductivity and thin film-coated conductors, and graduated with a B.S. in materials engineering and an M.S. in metallurgical engineering. After developing his first few wall sculptures from aluminum panels, he began to design free-standing sculptures and developed over a dozen unique grind patterns which have become signature characteristics of his work. To add color to his creations, he experimented with transparent coating to allow his unique grind patterns to be seen through a spectrum of colors. This evolved into the invention of an atomized acrylic painting process for metal, and he remains the only metal artist in the industry with this capability. In addition to exhibiting his works in galleries, Yust has collectors of his works throughout the world. He has been commissioned to create monumental designs for major corporations such as NBC, Starbucks, P&G, CrossFit, Siemens, RE/MAX, and Ford and government agencies like the Department of Defense, the Department of Energy, and NASA. Listings wanted.

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Evening Drift 3 Panel Triptych 2022 16x48 - Huge Original Painting - Nicholas Yust NEW

Nicholas Yust

Evening Drift 3 Panel Triptych 2022 16x48 - Huge

Original Painting: Pigment in Aluminum, Hand Signed

Size: 16x48 in  | 41x122 cm
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥Huge Pigment on Aluminum Triptych - Inquire - A SUPER Steal - BE SURPRISED - SUPER SUPER
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Heart 2022 18x18 Original Painting - Nicholas Yust NEW

Nicholas Yust

Heart 2022 18x18

Original Painting: Pigment on Aluminum, Hand Signed

Size: 18x18 in  | 46x46 cm
🔥🔥🔥Pigment on Aluminum - Inquire - A SUPER Steal $1,500
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Warm Swirl Unique Aluminum Sculpture 2022 34 in Sculpture - Nicholas Yust

Nicholas Yust

Warm Swirl Unique Aluminum Sculpture 2022 34 in

Sculpture: Painted Aluminum, Foundry Signature w/ Stamp, Unique

Size: 34x12x12 in  | 85x30x30 cm
🔥Large Unique Aluminum Sculpture - Inquire
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Wanted: Nicholas Yust

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