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    Art Brokerage: Ole Aakjaer Danish Artist: b. 1962. Ole Aakjær's watercolor paintings depict strong feminine figures whose bodies are overlaid with geometric patterning, enigmatic phrases, and smaller monochromatic portraits. This results in dense, layered picture planes dictated by a private logic and poetic sensibility. Aakjær employs a bold color palette of reds, purples, and blues that imbues his figures with a sense of drama, while her linear details reveal a symbology of clocks, skulls, and mazes, further complicating his picture planes and providing a sense of mystery to her works. Aakjær worked in advertising for 25 years before transitioning to painting full time, and she has exhibited in New York, Paris, Oslo, Copenhagen, Montreal, and Quebec. Listings wanted.

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Wanted: Ole Aakjaer

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Wanted: Ole Aakjaer

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