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    Art Brokerage: Pierre Alechinsky French Artist: B. 1927. Pierre Alechinsky is a graduate of the Ecole d'Architecture et d'Arts Decortifs in Brussels and started his career as a painter in 1946. He joined the group COBRA in 1949 and moved to Paris in 1951. His first artistic success came with book illustrations and engravings. His graphic work is complemented by large paintings, mostly acrylic paint on mounted paper. His brushstrokes are expressive, reminiscent of Japanese calligraphy. The artist wrote numerous essays about art, and in 1956 he went to Japan to produce a film about Japanese calligraphy. He exhibited works at the documenta in 1964 and 1977. His works can be found in many museums and collections throughout Europe and the United States. A major retrospective exhibition was devoted to Pierre Alechinsky's oeuvre at the Jeu de Paume in Paris in 1998. Listings wanted.

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Flying Objects 1977 Limited Edition Print - Pierre Alechinsky

Pierre Alechinsky

Flying Objects 1977

Limited Edition Print: Lithograph, Hand Signed, From the edition of 100

Size: 25x19 in  | 64x48 cm
1977 Framed Limited Edition Lithograph - Blue Chip $3,500
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Central Park 1975 - New York - NYC Limited Edition Print - Pierre Alechinsky

Pierre Alechinsky

Central Park 1975 - New York - NYC

Limited Edition Print: Lithograph on Paper, Hand Signed, From the edition of 175

Size: 19x25 in  | 48x64 cm
Framed Limited Edition Signed Lithograph - Blue Chip $2,200
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