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    Art Brokerage: Roberto Hernaiz Venezuelan Artist: b. 1960. He was born in Caracas Venezuela and his education in Arts started very early under the influence of his father, a very talented artist. Roberto grew up amid an incredible artwork collection. His father also was a very pasionate antique collector from the 18 and 20s, which was a very important influence in the artwork of Roberto Hernaiz and helped him to understand his style and artistic personality. For Roberto, his house was his personal school and Art Gallery. Roberto studied Architecture Design at the Technology Institute A.J Sucre, but very soon he understood his real passion was in the Arts. By 1985, he enrolled in the Cristobal Rojas School, one of the more important Fine Arts School in Caracas. He studied there with a very important Masters and an icons of the Art of Venezuela and received a very long and complete formation in Visual Arts ... including sculpture, drawing, painting, printmaking and modern visual arts and conceptual arts. In 1984 Roberto attended Graphic Design classes at the Newman Institute and this was an important skill to add to his long art history. By 1992 he received a professional training in Visual Art , Curatorial/Museum, Managment Planing and Production of Museum Exhibits, from CONAC The National Cultural Institute for the Arts in Venezuela. In his propfessional art career, Roberto Hernaiz has drawn on all these educational opportunities to form his distinctive style. Listings wanted by Art Brokerage.

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Ausencias 2013 36x23 Original Painting - Roberto Hernaiz

Roberto Hernaiz

Ausencias 2013 36x23

Original Painting: Oil Canvas, Hand Signed

Size: 35x22 in  | 89x56 cm
🔥Fabulous Oil on Canvas $3,700
Motivated SellerReduced
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