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    Art Brokerage: Ruth Basler Burr American Artist: Ruth Basler Burr was born as Ruth Ann Robinson in Chicago Illinois and moved to Los Angeles California at the age of five. She began her art career by painting murals and graduated to portrait painting in oil. She traveled the US and abroad studying with over 50 of the worlds leading artists. Because of her love of watercolors and the ease of traveling with them, she changed her medium for a period of time. In 1978 she married Lawrence E Burr and added Burr to her name, plus 5 stepchildren. With over 67 solo shows to her credit, she has sold thousands of paintings to private and corporate collectors throughout the world. The Transamerica Corp. commissioned her to paint 75 paintings for their offices and resorts. Hundreds of her prints adorn the walls of UCLA medical center, children's hospitals and churches. She received her education at Glendale and Pierce colleges and teaching credential at UCLA. She taught art at Brand Art Center in Glendale, LA and Pasadena schools. Original paintings only. Listings wanted.

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Blue Peonies 1982 32x35 Original Painting - Ruth Basler Burr

Ruth Basler Burr

Blue Peonies 1982 32x35

Original Painting: Acrylic on Canvas, Hand Signed

Size: 24x22 in  | 61x56 cm
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