"Poppies And Lillies 26x32" by Scott Wallis - 🔥Framed Oil on Canvas
Poppies And Lillies 26x32 Original Painting by Scott Wallis
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Poppies And Lillies 26x32 Original Painting by Scott Wallis - 0
Poppies And Lillies 26x32 Original Painting by Scott Wallis - 1

Poppies And Lillies 26x32

Scott Wallis

Original Painting : Oil on Canvas
Size : 24x30 in  |  61x76 cm
Framed : 26x32 in  |  66x81 cm

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Hand SignedLower Right 

Condition Excellent 

Framed without GlassOrnate Frame Original With Art Work 

Purchased fromPrivate Collector 2008 

Certificate of AuthenticityArt Brokerage 


Scott Wallis - United States

Art Brokerage: Park West Artist: Scott Wallis American Artist: Scott Wallis’ paintings can be described as colorful, intense, vibrant and even aggressive. His impressionistic style makes you feel like you’ve been or want to be in each scene. He creates a vision of harmony with such elements as color, texture, light, surface interest, and balance, resulting in exciting works of art. Gleaming white Spanish facades, Tuscan gold’s, cascades of brilliant flowers, bustling city scenes, winding country roads, a stone cottage in Europe, sensitive still life, or the reflective ponds and lilies inspired by Monet, often form the focal points in a Wallis painting and take us on a nostalgic trip to a simpler time. Whether our pasts are rooted in the locale of Northern California, the charm of old Europe, the call of bursting colors of infinite flowers, or any nook in rural America, Wallis’ paintings speak to all of us. Born in Utah and graduated from Utah State University in 1980, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in painting and photography. Two years later he received a Bachelor of Education. After twelve years in the public school system as a teacher and later as a graphic artist for Weber County School district, Scott left his career in education to pursue his dream as a fine artist. Through the years Scott has enjoyed several one- man exhibits of his paintings. Since becoming a professional artist, Scott’s work has been widely accepted, and is in many private collections throughout United States, Mexico, Canada and several collections in Europe. National and international acceptance of Scott’s work has led him to paint on a full-time basis for the past sixteen years. Listings wanted.

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