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    Art Brokerage: Stanley William Hayter American Artist: b. 1901-1988. Stanley Hayter was one of the most original printmakers of the twentieth century. He founded Atelier 17 in Paris and hundreds of well-known artists and students worked there at some stage with him. Not only was he at the centre of the avant-garde in Paris, but he was closely involved in New York with the Surrealist and Abstract Expressionist movements. His work is represented in collections worldwide. Listings wanted.

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Ressac 1973 HS Limited Edition Print - Stanley Hayter

Stanley Hayter

Ressac 1973 HS

Limited Edition Print: Lithograph, Hand Signed, From the Edition of 100

Size: 22x30 in  | 56x76 cm
1973 Limited Edition Hand Signed Lithograph - Blue Chip - Dont Miss This $2,900
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Facile Proie 1958 Limited Edition Print - Stanley Hayter

Stanley Hayter

Facile Proie 1958

Limited Edition Print: Engraving, Hand Signed, Not numbered

Size: 12x16 in  | 29x39 cm
Framed Hand Signed Engraving $2,995
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Wanted: Stanley Hayter

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