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  • Svetlana Valuyeva Bio Image
  • Svetlana Valuyeva

    Russian Federation

    Art Brokerage: Sveltana Valuyeva Russian Artist: b. 1966. Born in Moscow in 1966, Svetlana Valuyeva was accepted into art school at the tender age of six - an astonishing child prodigy. By the age of 8, she was winning international exhibitions and at age 11, was featured in a documentary on outstanding artists that was shown in theaters across Russia. By then, her father, a gifted artist himself, had given her his own studio. Also, she had been secretly shown the fantastical works of artists like Klimt, Alfons Mucha, Sargent, and Alma-Tadema, whose styles were quite forbidden in Soviet era Russia. However, this discovery was the springboard for Valuyeva's exquisite Art Nouveau-inspired vision. She began to attract scores of collectors and dealers who smuggled her work out to avid admirers around the world, until the Art Academy finally allowed her a summer trip to study in Europe. From there, Valuyeva easily gained international acclaim, and remains one of Russia's most outstanding artists. Listings wanted.

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Ethereal Dream Limited Edition Print - Svetlana Valuyeva

Svetlana Valuyeva

Ethereal Dream

Limited Edition Print: Giclee on Canvas, Hand Signed, From the Edition of 195

Size: 51x28 in  | 130x70 cm
🔥Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas - Inquire
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Autumn Nymph 2004 Limited Edition Print - Svetlana Valuyeva

Svetlana Valuyeva

Autumn Nymph 2004

Limited Edition Print: Giclee on Canvas, Hand Signed, From the Edition of 195

Size: 48x24 in  | 122x60 cm
🔥 Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas - Inquire $1,800
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Autumn Sun Limited Edition Print - Svetlana Valuyeva

Svetlana Valuyeva

Autumn Sun

Limited Edition Print: Giclee on Canvas, Hand Signed, From the Edition of 95

Size: 30x40 in  | 76x102 cm
🔥Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas - Inquire
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Southern Sun 28x32 Original Painting - Svetlana Valuyeva

Svetlana Valuyeva

Southern Sun 28x32

Original Painting: Oil on Canvas, Hand Signed

Size: 24x20 in  | 61x51 cm
🔥Ornately Framed Oil on Canvas
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