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    Art Brokerage: Von Allen American Artist: b. 1961-2023. Von Allen is an American artist born in 1961. Allen began his four-decade career as an abstract expressionist artist in the 1970's. He studied art in 1979 at the 'Village Center for the Arts' in Palm Springs, California. Von Allen’s bold paintings and delicate drawings arrive at the intersection of two significant influences: Abstract Expressionism and the bond between music (notably jazz) and painting. Allen moved to New York directly after school, befriending Ruth Kligman, an artist who was an insider when the Abstract Expressionist movement was at its peak. She also was notable as the mistress of Jackson Pollock and Willem de Kooning. “Over the course of his remarkable career,” Kligman stated in 2004, “Von Allen has made an exceptional contribution to the body of Abstract Expressionist work worldwide, and ranks as one of our most important new masters of the genre." Listings wanted.

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