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    Art Brokerage: Wangechi Mutu Kenyan Artist: b. 1972. Kenyan-born Wangechi Mutu has trained as both a sculptor and anthropologist. Her work explores the contradictions of female and cultural identity and makes reference to colonial history, contemporary African politics and the international fashion industry. Drawing from the aesthetics of traditional crafts, science fiction and funkadelia, Mutus works document the contemporary myth making of endangered cultural heritage. Piecing together magazine imagery with painted surfaces and found materials, Mutus elaborate collages mimic amputation, transplant operations and bionic prosthetics. Her figures become satirical mutilations. Their forms are grotesquely marred through perverse modification, echoing the atrocities of war or self-inflicted improvements of plastic surgery. Mutu examines how ideology is very much tied to corporeal form. She cites a European preference to physique that has been inflicted on and adapted by Africans, resulting in both social hierarchy and genocide. Mutus figures are equally repulsive and attractive. From corruption and violence, Mutu creates a glamorous beauty. Her figures are empowered by their survivalist adaptation to atrocity, immunized and improved by horror and victimisation. Their exaggerated features are appropriated from lifestyle magazines and constructed from festive materials such as fairy dust and fun fur. Mutu uses materials which refer to African identity and political strife: dazzling black glitter symbolises western desire which simultaneously alludes to the illegal diamond trade and its terrible consequences. Her work embodies a notion of identity crisis, where origin and ownership of cultural signifiers becomes an unsettling and dubious terrain. Mutus collages seem both ancient and futuristic. Her figures aspire to a super-race, by-products of an imposed evolution. In this series of work, she uses old medical diagrams, to convey the authenticity of artefact, as well as an appointed cultural value. Satirically identifying her diseases as a sub/post-human monsters, she invents an equally primitive and prophetically alien species; a visionary futurism inclusive of cultural difference and self-determination. Listings wanted.

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Birthday Maan 2001 12x9 Original Painting - Wangechi Mutu

Wangechi Mutu

Birthday Maan 2001 12x9

Original Painting: Felt Pen, Collage and Applique on Blue Watercolor Paper, Hand Signed

Size: 12x9 in  | 30x23 cm
🔥Fabulous Mixed Media - Blue Chip - Inquire - Huge Price Drop
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Untitled Portrait Watercolor 2001 12x9 Works on Paper (not prints) - Wangechi Mutu

Wangechi Mutu

Untitled Portrait Watercolor 2001 12x9

Works on Paper (not prints): Watercolor on Heavy Card Stock, Not Signed

Size: 12x9 in  | 29x22 cm
🔥2001 Watercolor - Inquire - Blue Chip
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Little Brown Goddess Watercolor 2001 5x7 Watercolor - Wangechi Mutu

Wangechi Mutu

Little Brown Goddess Watercolor 2001 5x7

Watercolor: Watercolor on Paper, Not Signed

Size: 5x7 in  | 13x18 cm
🔥Original Watercolor on Paper
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Untitled Drawing 2001 4x8 Works on Paper (not prints) - Wangechi Mutu

Wangechi Mutu

Untitled Drawing 2001 4x8

Works on Paper (not prints): Hand Drawing on Heavy Card Stock, Hand Signed

Size: 4x8 in  | 11x20 cm
Signed Original Drawing $3,200
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