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    Art Brokerage: Youri Bakrouchev Russian Artist: b. 1961. Born in the Russian city of Ijevsk in 1961, Youri pursued his love of art on his own until 1983, when he entered the Academy de Beaux Arts de Moscow (Sourikov Institute). He was invited to take part in the Moscow Central Art Collective in 1993. 1996 marked a turning point in his career with a one-man show in Paris, entitled "Homage to William Kalf," the great Flemish still-life artist of the XVII Century. Reminiscent of Kalf, he depicts decorative objects, such as Chinese porcelain, soup tureens, nautilus goblets and exquisite carpets. In Flemish art, these still-lifes were often used to represent wealth and prosperity. Youri achieves his effects by giving objects a bright luminescent quality, further emphasized by a dark background, a method used by Caravaggio. Luminous shadows and soft coloring are directed onto his compositions, providing each painting with the appearance of an old masterwork. Youri's paintings are quieting in their effect on the viewer and are suggestive of philosophical mediation rather than luxury and ostentation. Many of the rare objects in his still-lifes reappear in his paintings for example a blue and white Ming bowl or nautilus cup. Listings wanted.

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