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    Art Brokerage: Nall American Artist: b. 1949. A Southern American artist with an international following, Nall has a unique style that has captivated the attention of the world. In 1971, Nall was awarded top score entrance at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris. Surrounded by painters, musicians, and writers, he excelled among his contemporaries. At that point, he was mentored by Spanish Surrealist, Salvador Dali, who advised him to "Draw from life, draw, again and again…" He was also inspired by American psychedelic art, fauvism, impressionism and Japanese wash drawings but then returned to basic black and white drawing and on concentrating on building a solid artistic foundation on drawing skills. Nall's art reflects his surroundings. In 1974 he went to Beirut, Lebanon and North Africa. Fascinated by Arabic and Byzantine architecture, Alabama quilts, geometric form and Mondrian's compositions, he segmented his works. In 1976 he moved to Nice, France where he symbolized pomegranates and flowers in many works–metamorphosing bones and insects. A turning point in Nall's life came in July of 1986 when he bought Jean Dubuffet's studio in Vence, France, and began publishing his own line engraving, having apprentices which later led to purchasing the Karoly Foundation and rechristening it the N.A.L.L. Art Association. This seven acre estate is nestled in a small valley between Vence and Saint Paul de Vence, France. Sheltered under its olive groves, the estate has cabins and studios for artists and a studio-museum designed and built by Nall. His 3 porcelain patterns "Tuscia's Roses", "Mediterranean Gold", and "Sunrise Mosaic" produced by R. Havilland & C. Parlon of Limoges, France have been exhibited at international porcelain fairs at the Caroussel du Louvre in Paris, in Stuttgart, Germany, in the "Chateau do Bagatelle" in Neully, at "Podium" boutique in Moscow, and in New York's "Arts and Crafts Museum" together with his Murano Glassware in a group show "Murano Memories." The Tunisian Porcelain Company has produced for the Puccini Festival Fondazione's "La Rondine" opera a tea service including a coffee mug and square plate". Monaco Porcelain Makers have produced for the Monaco Women's Lions Club a limited edition Artist collection of two "Vides Poches", represented by his signature tulip and pansy. Listings wanted.

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Madam Sebastian Diptych 1970 60x36 - Huge Drawing Works on Paper (not prints) - Nall


Madam Sebastian Diptych 1970 60x36 - Huge Drawing

Works on Paper (not prints): Pencil Diptych, Hand Signed

Size: 60x36 in  | 152x91 cm
🔥Huge 1970 Framed Drawing Diptych - Inquire - Blue Chip
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Study for  The Fall  Drawing 1972 12x10 Drawing - Nall


Study for The Fall Drawing 1972 12x10

Drawing: Pen And Ink, Hand Signed

Size: 12x10 in  | 30x26 cm
Framed Drawing $2,500
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