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    Art Brokerage: Milan Miletic Yugoslavian Artist: b. 1950. Yugoslavian-born artist Milan Miletic obtained his Masters degree in art from the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade, where he studied under Stojan Celic. Since then, Miletic has made a career of painting. He has exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions throughout Europe and North America, including shows in Belgrade, Warsaw, Helsinki, Tel Aviv and Toronto. The artist strives for a warm, comfortable quality to his street scenes. The city streets often appear to be wet, as if just after a rain…and there is warm glowing light emanating from within the cozy cafes and shops. Miletic strives to use a language which bears the traces of longings for the great epochs of the past, including the imagery of "La Belle Epoque" and the craftsmanship of the painters of that time. Miletic also does scenes of Monaco, which also seek the past, with elegant women in fine dresses carrying parasols and dapper gentlemen in hats. The crystal blue waters of the Riviera are a luxurious backdrop for Miletic's overabundant foliage and trailing flowers. Regardless of the subject matter, Miletic paints to capture the innocence and grace of a period long past. Listings wanted.

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