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    Art Brokerage: Park West Artist: Alex Grinshpun was born in Bandera, Ukraine in 1949. At age 15 Grinshpun went to work in a wood processing plant; in the evenings he studied 'naturalistic painting'. The class would go 'on site', and learned how to translate the three-dimensional landscape they observed onto the two-dimensional canvas. From 1979-1982, Grinshpun utilized the knowledge that he had acquired in the academy and applied it to the sets he painted and the books he illustrated in black and white. Describing the situation in the former USSR, Grinshpun explained that creative artists were officially classified according to their areas of work, leaving graphic artists and set painters out of the official definition of 'artists', i.e., 'painters and sculptors'. Museums were not eager to open their doors to 'non-artists', yet Grinshpun succeeded in having several small one-man exhibitions in the cities of Bender (Tighina), Tiraspol, Kishinev and Odessa, and participate in several group exhibitions. Over the years, the idea of being a painter began to filter down into his consciousness, leading him to the extreme change in his life: he left the USSR and immigrated to Israel in 1991. The largest and most significant personal exhibition was in June 2003 in the Center of Arts in Rishon-Lezion city. About 80 picturesque cloths were exposed in two big wall-lighted halls. As a result of this exhibition, Alexander was invited to exhibit in a few galleries in the US , Canada and Singapore. Paintings wanted by Art Brokerage.

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Wanting Some Attention 2014 23x17 Original Painting - Alex Grinshpun

Alex Grinshpun

Wanting Some Attention 2014 23x17

Original Painting: Oil on Canvas, Hand Signed

Size: 12x16 in  | 30x41 cm
🔥Ornately Framed Oil on Canvas - Inquire
Motivated Seller
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Untitled Landscape 38x24 Original Painting - Alex Grinshpun

Alex Grinshpun

Untitled Landscape 38x24

Original Painting: Oil on Canvas, Hand Signed

Size: 16x30 in  | 41x76 cm
🔥Framed Oil on Canvas - Inquire - A Steal
Motivated Seller
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Paris in Mine PP - France Limited Edition Print - Alex Grinshpun

Alex Grinshpun

Paris in Mine PP - France

Limited Edition Print: Serigraph on Board, Hand Signed, From the PP Edition of 90

Size: 19x16 in  | 48x41 cm
🔥Limited Edition Printer's Proof Serigraph on Board - Inquire
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Untitled Street Scene 16x30 Original Painting - Alex Grinshpun

Alex Grinshpun

Untitled Street Scene 16x30

Original Painting: Acrylic on Canvas, Hand Signed

Size: 16x30 in  | 41x76 cm
🔥Acrylic on Canvas
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Still Life 50x41  Huge Original Painting - Alex Grinshpun

Alex Grinshpun

Still Life 50x41 Huge

Original Painting: Oil on Canvas, Hand Signed

Size: 31x39 in  | 80x100 cm
🔥Huge Framed Oil on Canvas - A Steal - Inquire
7 Watchers
Motivated SellerReduced
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Riding to the Bay 2008 29x25 Original Painting - Alex Grinshpun

Alex Grinshpun

Riding to the Bay 2008 29x25

Original Painting: Oil on Canvas, Hand Signed

Size: 20x16 in  | 50x39 cm
🔥Framed Oil on Canvas - A Steal - 10 Watchers - Inquire
11 Watchers
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