"Black Rhinoceros Bronze Sculpture 2016 17 in" by Barry Stein - 🔥Limited Edition Bronze Sculpture
Black Rhinoceros Bronze Sculpture 2016 17 in Sculpture by Barry Stein
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Black Rhinoceros Bronze Sculpture 2016 17 in Sculpture by Barry Stein - 0
Black Rhinoceros Bronze Sculpture 2016 17 in Sculpture by Barry Stein - 1
Black Rhinoceros Bronze Sculpture 2016 17 in Sculpture by Barry Stein - 2
Black Rhinoceros Bronze Sculpture 2016 17 in Sculpture by Barry Stein - 3
Black Rhinoceros Bronze Sculpture 2016 17 in Sculpture by Barry Stein - 4
Black Rhinoceros Bronze Sculpture 2016 17 in Sculpture by Barry Stein - 5

Black Rhinoceros Bronze Sculpture 2016 17 in

Barry Stein

Sculpture : Bronze
Size : 8x17 x6 in  |  20x43 x15 cm
Edition : From the edition of 500

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Foundry Signature w/ StampOn Foot 

Condition Excellent 

Purchased fromPrivate Collector 

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Barry Stein - United States

Art Brokerage: Barry Stein American Artist: Inspired by an intense love of nature, self-taught Oregon artist Barry Stein spends hours in the wild researching the wildlife and their surroundings that come to life in his world-renown bronze sculptures. Currently, Barry's work can be found in prestigious collections throughout the world, and are presently on display in The Waldorf Astoria Hotel New York City, The New York Hilton Hotel, New York Essex House, Hyatt Regency, The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, the Hilton Hotel in Honolulu, and galleries in many states throughout the U.S. as well as galleries in England, France, Germany, China and Singapore. Barry's wildlife sculptures have been presented as gifts by our government's executive branch to foreign heads of state. Rather than start his process in clay, as most bronze artists do, Barry's sculpture process begins by creating his wildlife art in wood. The relative softness of clay or wax allows for corrections, which can make the process much easier. Sharing the beauty of Mother Nature is the focus behind Barry Stein's artistry. With a clear understanding of an animal's behavior and anatomy, Barry focuses on each small detail that will make his sculptures come to life, whether that be the subtle contours of a frog, the minute details of an eagle's feathers, the musculature of a pair of clashing elk, or the details of the forest floor that form the base of his larger works. Listings wanted.

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