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  • Bob Wilfong

    United States

    Art Brokerage: Bob Wilfong American Bronze Sculptor-Artist: Bob began his sculpting career in 1993 when he couldn't find a bronze penguin for Joh, his wife. Although it seems strange for a banker to become a sculptor, his background supported his new venture. Graduating from the University of Idaho with a degree in biology, Bob had a strong background in anatomy, and more importantly, an appreciation for the beauty of life. Drafted into the military after graduation Bob continued his inquiry into the "essence of life" as a medical researcher and was published a number of times. More importantly he developed technical skills, which would later become elemental in bringing clay to life. Bob's original works were all animals as he sought to understand his creative gift with reproducing creatures he knew best. Bob's new work explores the consciousness of man and his relationship to his surroundings. Bob feels that art in all its forms should move people to a higher level of consciousness and give them pride and understanding in who and what they are. It is the responsibility of the artist to create original and stimulating artwork to act as the catalyst.Listings Wanted.

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Wanted: Bob Wilfong

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