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    Art Brokerage: Carlos Nakatani Mexican Artist: b. 1934-2004. Carlos Nakatani (Mexico City 1934 – Mexico City February 2, 2004) was a painter, sculpture, cinematographer and writer, the son of a Japanese immigrant to Mexico, noted for his introduction of a snack simply called “Japanese peanuts” in Mexico City. Nakatani is best known for his painting, which mixes Mexican and Japanese influences, as part of a generation of artists which broke with the Mexican art establishment from the early 20th century. Reclusive, he nonetheless won a number of recognitions for his work and was a member of the Salón de la Plástica Mexicana. Nakatani’s artistic career included cinema and writing along with the visual arts. Shortly before he took up painting, he created a black-and-white film He wrote and directed a 1967 drama called about his father called “Yoshio.” His other cinematic works include “Una proxima luna” in 1965 and La Excursion, starring Graciela Lara, José Luis Loman, Rocio Lance, Rafael Espinosa, Ruben Islas and Marta Aura. He wrote two novels. “Papa extranjero” (Foreign Dad) is about his relationship with his father. The other novel consists of 400 poems and manuscripts which narrate the life of Mozart. However, Nakatani is best known for his painting. From 1956 to 1992, he exhibited his work individually and collectively in Mexico, the United States, Cuba, Guatemala, France, Yugoslavia, Switzerland, Australia and New Zealand and other countries. At the time of his death, he was working on a series of eighty paintings to be exhibited at the José Luis Cuevas Museum in Mexico City. Only sixteen of these were finished and were included in a retrospective held at the same museum nine months after his demise under the title of “Tanta melancholia” (So much melancholy) . He has had one major exhibition of his death posthumously at the Museo Universitario del Chopo in Mexico City as part of an exhibition of Japanese-Mexican artists and Japanese artists in Mexico. His awards include Salón Nacional de Grabado de la Plástica Mexicana in 1976, the Premio Salvatore Rosa in engraving and watercolor and the L’Arengario Prize in Rome. Nakatani’s work is classified with that of the Generación de la Ruptura as it broke with the established traditions of the first half of the 20th century. He was nearly self-taught. He originally used water-based pigments then switched to oils. His artwork was characterized by its delicacy, sobriety and subtlety according to art critic Teresa del Conde, mixing Japanese and Mexican influences. He works shows influence from Japanese landscape and other Asian painting, with his paintings often having large empty spaces with tranquil colors. His painting contains few human forms although humanity is suggested through his depictions of nature. Listings wanted.

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Vuelo 1970 34x48 Original Painting - Carlos Nakatani

Carlos Nakatani

Vuelo 1970 34x48

Original Painting: Mixed Media on Wood, Hand Signed

Size: 34x48 in  | 86x122 cm
Framed Mixed Media on Wood
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