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    Art Brokerage: Liu Miao Chan Taiwan Artist: b. 1946-2022. Leather sculpture Artist Liu Miao Chan was born in Tawain where he toiled in the fields with his father and grandfather learning humility and discipline through hard work. Unable to suppress his artistic nature and with no money for pencil and paper, Chan drew endlessly in the dirt with a stick. Through a government Teacher Training Program, he was able to get an education and was finally accepted at the National Art College. Gifted, Chan became a woodcarver, sculptor and painter. Liu Miao Chan's all leather sculpture reflects his expertise creating life-like figures to scale which express the depth of emotions and capture the color and movement of the soul."Leather is soft, alive, like skin. It is warm and allows for movement. It gives life to the work," explains Chan. Unique, gifted genius are phrases used to describe the incredible, realistic, three dimensional, all leather sculpture of Liu-Miao Chan. Listings wanted.

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Untitled Unique Leather Sculpture 1991 Sculpture - Liu Miao Chan

Liu Miao Chan

Untitled Unique Leather Sculpture 1991

Sculpture: Leather, Hand Signed

Size: 20x20x12 in  | 50x50x30 cm
Signed Original Leather Sculpture $6,500
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