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"Decorative Vase 2006 14x12" by Caroline Young - 🔥Gouache - A Steal
Decorative Vase 2006 14x12 Works on Paper (not prints) by Caroline Young
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Decorative Vase 2006 14x12 Works on Paper (not prints) by Caroline Young - 0
Decorative Vase 2006 14x12 Works on Paper (not prints) by Caroline Young - 1
Decorative Vase 2006 14x12 Works on Paper (not prints) by Caroline Young - 2
Decorative Vase 2006 14x12 Works on Paper (not prints) by Caroline Young - 3
Decorative Vase 2006 14x12 Works on Paper (not prints) by Caroline Young - 4
Decorative Vase 2006 14x12 Works on Paper (not prints) by Caroline Young - 5

Decorative Vase 2006 14x12

Caroline Young

Works on Paper (not prints) : Gouache on Mother of Pearl Paper
Size : 7x5 in  |  18x13 cm
Framed : 14.75x12.75 in  |  37x32 cm

Motivated Seller Reduced
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Hand SignedLower Right in Ink 

Condition Excellent 

Other FrameDouble Matted 

Purchased fromAuction House 2006 

Certificate of AuthenticityBittan Fine Art Inc. 


Caroline Young

Art Brokerage: Caroline Young Artist : In classical Oriental painting, artists approach their work the way pianists in the West might approach the existing compositions of the great masters. Each new painting was a performance that the artist rehearsed for by practicing the performance of earlier painters. Contemporary artist Caroline Young took that wisdom to heart. Her delicate watercolors on silk pay homage to classical Chinese technique called the "delicate style," and the lessons she learned from her mentor, Lam Oi Char.

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