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"Fiddler and Mermaid" by Charles Cobelle - 🔥Antique Gold Framed Limited Edition Lithograph - A Steal $1,300
Fiddler and Mermaid Limited Edition Print by Charles Cobelle
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Fiddler and Mermaid Limited Edition Print by Charles Cobelle - 0
Fiddler and Mermaid Limited Edition Print by Charles Cobelle - 1
Fiddler and Mermaid Limited Edition Print by Charles Cobelle - 2
Fiddler and Mermaid Limited Edition Print by Charles Cobelle - 3
Fiddler and Mermaid Limited Edition Print by Charles Cobelle - 4
Fiddler and Mermaid Limited Edition Print by Charles Cobelle - 5
Fiddler and Mermaid Limited Edition Print by Charles Cobelle - 6
Fiddler and Mermaid Limited Edition Print by Charles Cobelle - 7

Fiddler and Mermaid

Charles Cobelle

Limited Edition Print : Lithograph
Size : 22.5x34.75 in  |  57x88 cm
Framed : 31x43 in  |  79x109 cm
Edition : From the Edition of 510

Motivated Seller Reduced
Listing Info
Artist Bio

Hand SignedLower Right in Pencil 

Condition Excellent 

Framed with GlassAntiqued Gold Wooden Frame w/ Taupe Mat 

Purchased fromOther 1997 

Certificate of AuthenticityArt Brokerage 


Charles Cobelle - France

Art Brokerage: Charles Cobelle French Artist: b. 1902-1994. Charles Cobelle, born Carl Edelman was a modern French master of painting, lithography and a fine muralist, who was born in Alsace-Lorraine, France. He is considered the last link to the great tradition of the Open Line School of Paris. Much more influential in his development, however, were his private studies with Marc Chagall and his apprenticeship in the studio of Raoul Dufy in Menton on the Riviera. By the 1950s, spurred by the commercial success of his mentor, Dufy, Cobelle had achieved phenomenal success commercially with his Parisian-influenced style. Much like contemporary artists and designers at the time, his designs graced a number of pottery patterns for various pottery companies, including Midwinter Stylecraft, Universal Potteries and Homer Laughlin China Company. In addition to creating advertising illustrations for everything from hosiery to French perfume, Cobelle created a number of murals throughout the country in noteworthy public locations such as The Painted Desert Room of the Desert Inn in Las Vegas, the Mark Hopkins Hotel in San Francisco, Neiman-Marcus in Dallas and on the cruise ships of the Holland America Line. Throughout his long and prosperous career, Cobelle painted his favorite subjects; Paris street scenes, race tracks, regattas and casinos. The subjects in Cobelle's paintings were not of actual locations or events, but they nevertheless convey the excitement of the places that they depict. This imagery, combined with a vibrant palette of expressive colors, creates a world full of verve and wit that effortlessly transcends reality. His paintings are characterized by thin, descriptive line-work over broad patches of bold color. First, Cobelle would map out a scene in blocks of bold, expressive color. Then, he would define the imagery with spontaneous, fluid line work. Many of his paintings were painted on canvas with mixed media - oils, acrylics, tempera, conte crayon, ink, whatever was at hand. Listings wanted.

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