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"Lightness of Being - Freedom Edition 2021" by Chris Levine - 🔥Limited Edition Photograph on Aluminum - Inquire $4,900
Lightness of Being - Freedom Edition 2021 Photography by Chris Levine
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Lightness of Being - Freedom Edition 2021 Photography by Chris Levine - 0
Lightness of Being - Freedom Edition 2021 Photography by Chris Levine - 1
Lightness of Being - Freedom Edition 2021 Photography by Chris Levine - 2
Lightness of Being - Freedom Edition 2021 Photography by Chris Levine - 3

Lightness of Being - Freedom Edition 2021

Chris Levine

Photography : Photograph on Aluminum Composite Panel
Size : 35.43x27.66 in  |  90x70 cm
Edition : From the Edition of 1000

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OtherDigital Signature 

Condition Excellent 

Other FrameDiasec-Mounted 

Purchased fromPublisher 2021 

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Chris Levine - United Kingdom

Art Brokerage: Chris Levine British Artist: b. 1960. Chris Levine is a UK-based artist, working in the field of light art. Chris Levine is a light artist with a multi-disciplinary approach that harnesses a diverse array of technology with the unyielding intention of revealing the ways in which light is fundamental to human experience. Levine uses cross-fertilization across many fields including music, performance, installation, fashion and design in a multitude of collaborative projects. He has worked with a wide range of collaborators, including Antony and the Johnsons, Philip Treacy, Massive Attack, Grace Jones, Asprey Jewellers, Mario Testino and has an ongoing relationship with The Eden Project. Levine is driven by a deep-rooted desire to expand perception and guide the viewer to a meditative engagement with the present moment. His portraits are internationally recognized but he is not a portrait artist in the traditional sense. Levine is known for creating the Lightness of Being and Equanimity, both portraits of Queen Elizabeth II. Equanimity was commissioned by the Jersey Heritage Trust in 2004 and on 1 June 2012, a £100 note was issued to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II based on the portrait. At the heart of Levine's practice are his immersive light Installation art projects in which he has endeavored to take art out of the gallery environment into a real world, mass participatory experience. Levine has five separate works in the permanent collection of the National Portrait Gallery. Listings wanted.

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