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"Facade Watercolor 1994 27x22" by Daniel Merriam - 🔥1994 Framed Watercolor - Inquire
Facade Watercolor 1994 27x22 Watercolor by Daniel Merriam
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Facade Watercolor 1994 27x22 Watercolor by Daniel Merriam - 0
Facade Watercolor 1994 27x22 Watercolor by Daniel Merriam - 1
Facade Watercolor 1994 27x22 Watercolor by Daniel Merriam - 2
Facade Watercolor 1994 27x22 Watercolor by Daniel Merriam - 3
Facade Watercolor 1994 27x22 Watercolor by Daniel Merriam - 4
Facade Watercolor 1994 27x22 Watercolor by Daniel Merriam - 5
Facade Watercolor 1994 27x22 Watercolor by Daniel Merriam - 6
Facade Watercolor 1994 27x22 Watercolor by Daniel Merriam - 7

Facade Watercolor 1994 27x22

Daniel Merriam

Watercolor : Watercolor
Size : 19.5x15 in  |  50x38 cm
Framed : 27x22 in  |  69x56 cm

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Hand SignedLower Right in Pen 

Condition Other - minor nick in frame corner, minor tear in paper backing 

Framed with PlexiglassGold and Brown Frame w/ White Mat 

Purchased fromGallery 1995 

Provenance / HistoryPurchased from Abicus Gallery in Boothbay, Maine, with Daniel Merriam present. Original owner. 

Certificate of AuthenticityMonarch Editions Inc. 

Additional InformationBig Price Drop 


Daniel Merriam - United States

Art Brokerage: Park West Artist: Daniel Merriam American Artist: b. 1963. Daniel Merriam's paintings are dreams in full color. They beckon for the viewer to join a journey into the imagination, where the worlds of reality and fantasy collide in an explosion of color, shapes and symbolism. His unique style is the product of solid technical skills, an illustrator's precision and a story teller's sense of pace. Anyone with a sense of adventure and humor who enjoys exploring a work of art will find Daniel Merriam's art an excursion worth taking. In his quest for understanding, Merriam paints to show who he is and how he feels about the world. His subjects differ as much as his emotions: fear, pain, joy, fun, all rendered in striking watercolor. For Daniel Merriam, painting is a calling, the realization of decisions to bring his life and his art into one complete place. With his personal philosophy built on creativity, art has become his greatest ally. Listings wanted by Art Brokerage.

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Wanted: Daniel Merriam

Acrylic on CanvasOriginal Painting


Wanted: Daniel Merriam

Sister HousesLimited Edition Print


Wanted: Daniel Merriam

WatercolorsOriginal Painting: Prints


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