"Medium Cypress Tree Bronze Sculpture 1991 25 in" by Danny Garcia - 🔥Mid Century Bronze Sculpture
Medium Cypress Tree Bronze Sculpture 1991 25 in Sculpture by Danny Garcia
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Medium Cypress Tree Bronze Sculpture 1991 25 in Sculpture by Danny Garcia - 0
Medium Cypress Tree Bronze Sculpture 1991 25 in Sculpture by Danny Garcia - 1
Medium Cypress Tree Bronze Sculpture 1991 25 in Sculpture by Danny Garcia - 2
Medium Cypress Tree Bronze Sculpture 1991 25 in Sculpture by Danny Garcia - 3
Medium Cypress Tree Bronze Sculpture 1991 25 in Sculpture by Danny Garcia - 4

Medium Cypress Tree Bronze Sculpture 1991 25 in

Danny Garcia

Sculpture : Bronze With Jade Enamel
Size : 16x25 x6 in  |  41x64 x15 cm
Edition : From the edition of 3

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Hand SignedLower Right Front 

Condition Excellent 

Purchased fromArtist 1991 

Certificate of AuthenticityGarcia Gallery 


Danny Garcia - United States

Art Brokerage: Danny Garcia California Artist: B 1929- 2012. Mr. Garcia started his Garcia Gallery with his wife Carmen in the 1950s as a one-room operation in Carmel and later expanded to include full gallery locations on Dolores Street and a second location on Ocean Avenue. His 6,000 impressionist paintings have been acquired by collectors worldwide.Two years of combat service on a Navy destroyer during the Korean War left an imprint on his renderings of landscapes and urban scenes. He studied art and architecture at Monterey Peninsula College, and his work ranges in style from realism to abstraction. Msgr. Edward Varni commissioned Mr. Garcia to paint the "Stations of the Cross" for the Chapel of the Most Precious Blood in Concord, and the Rev. Jeremiah O'Sullivan commissioned Garcia to paint "The Crucifixion" for the alter of Saint Jude's Church in Marina. His paintings are in the permanent collections of the Kaiser Center Art Gallery in Oakland, the Museum of Art in Monroe, La., and the Museum of Natural History and Art in Holyoke, Mass. Notable past private collectors who have acquired his work include Princess Margaret, Greer Garson and Frank Sinatra. His style is abstraction and realism. His subjects are shorelines, coastal views,landscape, marine, religious, and mysticism. Paintings wanted.

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