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    Art Brokerage: Joseph Schumacher American - Native American who served in Special forces in the Army later became commercial artist for advertising agency for Mobil, Marlboro, Shell and many other. Became professional artist painting in oil mostly in Native American and exhibited in Galleries throughout the western united states Carmel, La Jolla, Sante Fe, Taos, Palm Desert, LA, Danville, Newport etc, inclduding Presidents Nixons Western Whitehouse. Deceased Sept 2004. Was offered a place in the Cowboy and Western Artist of America association along side Russel and Remington.

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Eagle Heart 1999 58x34 - Huge Original Painting - Joseph Schumacher NEW

Joseph Schumacher

Eagle Heart 1999 58x34 - Huge

Original Painting: Oil on Canvas, Hand Signed

Size: 48x24 in  | 122x61 cm
🔥Huge 1999 Framed Oil in Canvas - Inquire - 4 Watchers - A Real Steal Big Price Drop
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