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    Art Brokerage: David Phelps American Artist: David Phelps success as a sculptor may be attributed to his clarity of purpose, which is evident not only in his contemporary work, but also in the fact that his subject matter emerged early on. The family farm on which David Phelps grew up is located on Roberts Island, part of the Delta in the Central Valley of California. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in 1979 from Humboldt State University, Arcata, California; his Masters of Fine Art in 1994 from the University of Oklahoma. After receiving his MFA in 1984 David continued sculpting while doing exhibit design work for the Omniplex Science Museum in Oklahoma City. The paradoxical nature of life concerned him early on. Thus, crafting the skin surface to look like parched, cracked mud was his metaphor for poverty whether physical or emotional in the midst of excess. "A lot of affirmation has emerged from images submerged and parched" he notes. Phelps' sculpture evokes reaction no matter what the proportion. The large ones (two or three times life size) are light, the small ones, solid. All are accessible, yet there is content a plenty for those who require it. Because of the dynamics of opposites, the sculpture excites both visually and intellectually. David Phelps has created monumental sculptures for more than twenty years. Public art commissions have come from across the United States including an exciting one for McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, Nevada at the International airport will be completed in December, 1995. The sculpture is one of "Clark County Wildlife" pieces created by David Phelps and displayed the airport terminal. His sculptures appear to emerge from the ground and have surfaces that look like dried, cracked mud. The figurative works are serenely contemplative and imbued with a dry, subtle humor. Listings wanted.

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