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"Untitled Painting 60x36 Huge" by David Richey Johnsen - 🔥🔥🔥 Huge Abstract Oil on Canvas - a Real Steal - Inquire - 4 Watchers - A SUPER Steal
Untitled Painting 60x36 Huge Original Painting by David Richey Johnsen
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Untitled Painting 60x36 Huge Original Painting by David Richey Johnsen - 0
Untitled Painting 60x36 Huge Original Painting by David Richey Johnsen - 1
Untitled Painting 60x36 Huge Original Painting by David Richey Johnsen - 2
Untitled Painting 60x36 Huge Original Painting by David Richey Johnsen - 3

Untitled Painting 60x36 Huge

David Richey Johnsen

Original Painting : Oil on Canvas
Size : 60x36 in  |  152x91 cm

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Hand SignedOn Verso 

Condition Excellent 

Not Framed 

Purchased fromPrivate Collector 

Certificate of AuthenticityArt Brokerage 

Additional InformationSUPER SUPER 


David Richey Johnsen

Art Brokerage: David Richey Johnsen American Artist: b. 1952.David Richey Johnsen was born in Salt Lake City, Utah in 1952. As a young boy he was introduced to the pleasure of painting by his parents. After receiving his fine are degree from Utah Tech, he decided to pursue a career as an artist. When he relocated to San Francisco, David first experienced "the moving masses" of a large city. He was inspired by the fast pace of the streets, and found the city teaming with characters from all walks of life. These people and places would become the subjects of many of his paintings. Mr. Johnsen rejects the avante garde influences of recent decades, his work is instead a unique synthesis of color, movement and story. The compositions are highly complex, both in construction and interpretation, yet they are easily enjoyed for their sheer narrative value. In each of his paintings we see the influence of the great American artists of the 20th century. Like George Bellows, Grant Wood, John Sloan, and Reginal Marsh, Johnsen approaches his canvas with a storyteller's inspiration. The figures leap from the canvas, alive with laughter, envy and passion. His paintings "read" like great American Novels; the characters appear to be from another era yet seem strangely familiar. A subtle palette is used to emphasize the human element. Soft tones and highlights are fused then finished with bright energetic accents. The images resonate with the painter's love for his subject. Since moving back to Utah and settling in a small town, David has found inspiration for some of his recent works. The paintings, contemporary interpretations of this once thriving "boom town" of the 3000's capture the color and the mood of the period with retrospective reverence. The works recall the town's colorful characters, remembered reveries of times past bathed in the golden light of memory. David Richey Johnsen's work is included in such notable collections as Universal Studios, Sony, CBS Records, and Turner Network. Private collectors include Jackie Collins, Sid Sheinberg, Marilu Henner, John Barry, and many others. Listings wanted

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