"Untitled Wine Still Life 46x21 - Huge" by Dima Gorban - 🔥Huge Framed Acrylic on Canvas - Inquire - A Steal
Untitled Wine Still Life 46x21 - Huge Original Painting by Dima Gorban
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Untitled Wine Still Life 46x21 - Huge Original Painting by Dima Gorban - 0
Untitled Wine Still Life 46x21 - Huge Original Painting by Dima Gorban - 1
Untitled Wine Still Life 46x21 - Huge Original Painting by Dima Gorban - 2
Untitled Wine Still Life 46x21 - Huge Original Painting by Dima Gorban - 3
Untitled Wine Still Life 46x21 - Huge Original Painting by Dima Gorban - 4
Untitled Wine Still Life 46x21 - Huge Original Painting by Dima Gorban - 5

Untitled Wine Still Life 46x21 - Huge

Dima Gorban

Original Painting : Acrylic on Canvas
Size : 44x19.5 in  |  112x50 cm
Framed : 45.5x21 in  |  116x53 cm

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Artist Bio

Hand SignedLower Left in Paint 

Condition Excellent 

Framed without GlassFloated in Silver Frame 

Purchased fromArtist 2004 

Certificate of AuthenticityArt Brokerage 


Dima Gorban - Russian Federation

Art Brokerage: Dima Gorban Russian Artist: B. 1961 - Dima was born in the former Soviet Union in 1961, and moved to Kishinev with his family when he was three. He started art studies at age ten at the Kishinev School of Art, and received an award for being the most promising young artist in the school. In 1980 Dima completed his studies at the Higher School for the Painting Arts in Kishinev, and began showing his work at group exhibitions throughout Moldavia. He quickly reached Moscow and two of his sketches were put on permanent exhibit in the Drawing Department of the Moscow Film Academy. He finished his formal studies in 1989 at the Lvov Academy for Painting, which his brother also attended. Listings wanted.

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