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    Art Brokerage: Moshe Rosenthalis Israeli Artist: b. 1922-2008. Legendary Israeli artist, Moshe Rosenthalis, was born in Lithuania in 1922. As a youth, he was constrained by the social-realism of the post-World War I Soviet Union, and then by his experiences as a soldier and illustrator of propaganda posters for the Red Army during World War II. It was under this authoritarian atmosphere that he developed as an art student at the Academy of Art in Vilna. When Rosenthalis immigrated to Israel in 1958, his view of the world and his own art were forever changed. He was exposed to the bright light and local colors of his adopted country as well as to new styles of Western painting. No longer bound by the constraints of realism, the artist began working in a more expressive and abstracted style and finally achieved artistic freedom. Rosenthalis explains: To simplify forms one has to work harder, search, use the imagination, and involve one's intellect and emotions. A master of color, Rosenthalis transforms shapes and lines into joyful compositions of harmony and rhythm. Listings wanted.

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Pianist 1989 63x75 - Huge Mural Size Original Painting - Moshe Rosenthalis NEW

Moshe Rosenthalis

Pianist 1989 63x75 - Huge Mural Size

Original Painting: Oil on Canvas, Hand Signed

Size: 60x72 in  | 152x183 cm
🔥Huge Mural Size 1989 Framed Oil on Canvas - Inquire $13,500 - Artwork is in Canada
Motivated Seller
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Piano Concerto #1 1922 33x29 Original Painting - Moshe Rosenthalis

Moshe Rosenthalis

Piano Concerto #1 1922 33x29

Original Painting: Oil and Acrylic, Hand Signed

Size: 23x19 in  | 58x48 cm
🔥Framed Oil and Acrylic
4 Watchers
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Untitled Woman 2004 23x26 Original Painting - Moshe Rosenthalis

Moshe Rosenthalis

Untitled Woman 2004 23x26

Original Painting: Mixed Media on Canvas, Hand Signed

Size: 16x13 in  | 41x33 cm
🔥Framed Mixed Media on Canvas
6 Watchers
Motivated SellerReduced
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