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    Art Brokerage: Donald DeMauro American Artist: b. 1936. Donald DeMauro was born at the cusp of a second world war on August 19, 1936, into a second generation Roman Catholic family that consisted of three brothers and his parents. It was a family under economic stress and consumed with serious health issues. This particular context of societal and familial breakdown fostered an existentialism that was consistent with and nurtured by his own evolving instinctual philosophical perspective. This existential perspective, grounded by its opposition to all inherited forms of transcendence was consistent with and key to his own existential formation. Concepts of immanence, singularity, multiplicity and becoming, could and would ground his aesthetic and social choices. It interested him that "art" was a socially functional strategy for the existential impulse. Listings wanted by Art Brokerage.

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Untitled Painting 1984 48x48 Huge Original Painting - Donald DeMauro

Donald DeMauro

Untitled Painting 1984 48x48 Huge

Original Painting: Collage, Drawing Mounted on Board, Hand Signed

Size: 48x48 in  | 122x122 cm
🔥Large - Mixed Media on Board
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