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    Art Brokerage: Elizabeth Peyton American Artist: b. 1965. She was born 1965 on Danbury, CT. Elizabeth Peyton's portraits of rock stars and other celebrities have made her one of the most-talked-about American artists of her generation. She and another New York-based contemporary artist, John Currin, have been hailed as the painters who brought figurative art that which uses the human figure as its subject matter back into fashion after a long absence. "I felt that you could see a person's time in their face especially the particular moment when they're about to become what they'll become" she told Dodie Kazanjian in Vogue about what drew her to portraiture. "They just shine, and everybody around them can feel it." Peyton grew up in Danbury, Connecticut, where her father and stepmother had a candle-making business. She was born with only two fingers on her right hand, and so she learned to draw with her left hand. In interviews, she has said that she was fascinated by celebrities even as a child, particularly the tennis and ice-skating stars of the 1970s, but her interests took a musical turn when her older sister introduced her to the seminal British punk band The Clash. "There was nothing else like that in Connecticut," she recalled in an interview with music journalist Jon Savage for the Guardian . "Hearing those records, I felt like I wasn't such a freak, that there was a bigger world than Connecticut, where I was going crazy." Listings wanted by Art Brokerage.

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John (John F. Kennedy, Jr. on Horseback) 2000 Rare! Limited Edition Print - Elizabeth Peyton NEW

Elizabeth Peyton

John (John F. Kennedy, Jr. on Horseback) 2000 Rare!

Limited Edition Print: Lithograph on Cream Wove Paper, Hand Signed, From the edition of 350

Size: 24x19 in  | 61x48 cm
🔥Rare Limited Edition Lithograph - Blue chip
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Young Prince Harry And Prince William 2000 Limited Edition Print - Elizabeth Peyton

Elizabeth Peyton

Young Prince Harry And Prince William 2000

Limited Edition Print: Lithograph in Colors on Wove Paper Printed to the Edge of the Paper, Hand Signed, From the edition of 350

Size: 24x19 in  | 61x48 cm
👑🔥Limited Edition Lithograph - Inquire
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Elliott Limited Edition Print - Elizabeth Peyton

Elizabeth Peyton


Limited Edition Print: Lithograph, Hand Signed,  From the Edition of 80 

Size: 18x14 in  | 46x34 cm
🔥Framed Limited Edition Lithograph - 6 Watchers - A Real Steal - Blue Chip
5 Watchers
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Prince William 2000 Limited Edition Print - Elizabeth Peyton

Elizabeth Peyton

Prince William 2000

Limited Edition Print: Lithograph in Colors on Wove Paper , Hand Signed, From the edition of 350

Size: 26x18 in  | 66x46 cm
👑🔥Limited Edition Lithograph - A Steal
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