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    Art Brokerage: Peter Eugen Swedish Artist: b. 1978. Peter is a self-taught, exciting and talented artist and with 50 exhibitions around Sweden and abroad he is one of the top leading artists in Sweden. Several celebrities around the world have noted his art. Peter Eugén's paintings give us the privilege of immersing ourselves in other people's emotional life. Peter Eugén Nilsson was born in 1978 and raised in Sundsvall. Since 2007 he is a resident of Stockholm. In 2014 he tested the watercolor painting for the first time and has quickly become one of Sweden's most popular watercolor painters. Now Peter combines watercolor painting with the pop art and mixes his art on exhibitions. His watercolors are highly sought after and give a wonderful, dramatic and beautiful feeling of his growing up in the Nordic landscapes. Listings wanted.

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Amy Winehouse 2019 73x59 - Huge Mural Size Original Painting - Peter Eugen

Peter Eugen

Amy Winehouse 2019 73x59 - Huge Mural Size

Original Painting: Acrylic on Canvas, Hand Signed

Size: 73x59 in  | 185x150 cm
🔥Huge Mural Size Framed Acrylic on Canvas - Big Price Drop - 3 Watchers Top artist in Sweden
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Wanted: Peter Eugen

Original Painting: Any other works


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