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"Staggering" by Frank Licsko - Limited Edition Lithograph
Staggering Limited Edition Print by Frank Licsko
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Staggering Limited Edition Print by Frank Licsko - 0
Staggering Limited Edition Print by Frank Licsko - 1
Staggering Limited Edition Print by Frank Licsko - 2
Staggering Limited Edition Print by Frank Licsko - 3


Frank Licsko

Limited Edition Print : Lithograph on Paper
Size : 23x39 in  |  58x99 cm
Edition : Printers Proof aside from the edition of 250

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Artist Bio


Hand SignedLower Right in White Pencil 

Condition Mint 

Not Framed 

Purchased fromPublisher 1989 

Provenance / Historyprivate collection 

Certificate of AuthenticityArt Brokerage 


Frank Licsko - Hungary

Art Brokerage: Frank Licsko Hungarian Artist: He was born in Hungary. Frank Licsko emigrated with his family to Canada during his early childhood. His great skills in art, particularly his flawless command of drawing, became evident during his school years. As a graduating student in high school he received his first commission, a five foot by eight foot mural entitled "Man on tile Road to Knowledge", which remains a prized possession of his alma mater. Frank Licsko enrolled at the Ontario College of Art in 1968, but withdrew following the first semester. feeling that there was little he would learn. This belief may have appeared arrogant at the time, yet has been vindicated by the evolution of his career ever since. Frank Licsko possesses unique technical skills, some of which are innate, while others are the result of thorough examination and development. Frank accepts, in fact Licsko seeks a challenge of. The most difficult and multi-faceted subjects. Most of his work involves multiple planes, forms within forms. images floating above and receding into the other, elements of superimposed imagery, reflections and refractions of light. Licsko has a rare, perhaps unique. technical virtuosity that allows him to employ virtually any natural subject as a component of his work. Within themselves these components are invariably realistic elements of nature, sweeping vistas of the sky, cathedral forests, tile endless sea, yet they, are always combined with each other, or juxtaposed with structural elements to create abstract dimensions of space and time, Frank Licsko's work takes one in to an abstract world, a peculiarly and powerfully beguiling world, a world which combines much of the mathematical intrigue of Escher the haunting surrealism of the early Dali, and the structural mysticism of the Mandela. Listings wanted by Art Brokerage.

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