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    Art Brokerage: Lenner Gogli Hungarian Artist: b. 1964. As a child, Gogli loved to paint, beginning at the age of four, and she has been painting ever since. When she came to Israel she says everything changed in terms of her painting. Her imagery became much more abstract and then later on she incorporated the realistic flowers on abstract surfaces for which she is so well known. Gogli also has an extensive body of work that evokes a cubist style. In her quest to perpetuate beauty through art form, Gogli is multi-faceted in that she paints in a realistic style as in her still life originals; and also in an abstract style that features her flowers that have a super-realistic quality; as well as in an abstract style that borders on Cubism where the viewer makes their own interpretation. Additionally, her abstract floral imagery depicting three or four red roses or red daisy-like blooms with long, long stems are available as hand-colored etchings. In further discussing the styles of this most versatile artist, the notion of exaggerated or “super” realism comes to mind in that her floral abstract paintings are meticulously detailed in such a way as to create the illusion of textures, surfaces and shadows that appear clearer and more distinct than the viewer might expect. In her Abstract Cubist works, objects are depicted from a multitude of view- points, and surfaces intersect at seemingly random angles, stirring unconscious feelings in the viewer because they are not distracted by realistic images that they relate to. Instead, the viewer is invited to quietly reflect and experience the emotion. Yet Gogli’s realistic floral still lifes are so natural and gentle and that their scent almost rises from the canvas eliciting a feeling of pure emotion. Gogli, indeed, is true to her word in her pursuit of perpetuating beauty that touches the senses. Listings wanted.

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Still Life 45x49 Huge Original Painting - Lenner Gogli

Lenner Gogli

Still Life 45x49 Huge

Original Painting: Acrylic on Canvas, Hand Signed

Size: 35x39 in  | 89x99 cm
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8 Watchers
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Floral 40x57 Original Painting - Lenner Gogli

Lenner Gogli

Floral 40x57

Original Painting: Mixed Media on Canvas, Hand Signed

Size: 34x51 in  | 86x130 cm
🔥Framed Signed Original Mixed Media on Canvas - 4 Watchers - Inquire
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