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"Riverman 1920" by Frank Weston Benson - 🔥Framed - 1920 Limited Edition Etching - Inquire $1,900
Riverman 1920 Limited Edition Print by Frank Weston Benson
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Riverman 1920 Limited Edition Print by Frank Weston Benson - 0
Riverman 1920 Limited Edition Print by Frank Weston Benson - 1

Riverman 1920

Frank Weston Benson

Limited Edition Print : Deckle Edge Etching
Size : 10.5x8.5 in  |  27x22 cm
Edition : Not Numbered

Listing Info
Artist Bio


Hand SignedLower Left in Pencil 

Condition Excellent 

Purchased fromPrivate Collector 2000 

Story / Additional InfoImage Size: 6" x 4"
With Margins: 10.5" x 8.5" 

Certificate of AuthenticityArt Brokerage 


Frank Weston Benson - France

Art Brokerage: Frank Weston Benson French Artist: b. 1862 - 1951. Frank Weston Benson, frequently referred to as Frank W. Benson, (March 24, 1862 – November 15, 1951) was an American artist from Salem, Massachusetts known for his Realistic portraits, American Impressionist paintings, watercolors and etchings. He began his career painting portraits of distinguished families and murals for the Library of Congress. Some of his best known paintings (Eleanor, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; Summer, Rhode Island School of Design Museum) depict his daughters outdoors at Benson's summer home, Wooster Farm, on the island of North Haven, Maine. He also produced numerous oil, wash and watercolor paintings and etchings of wildfowl and landscapes. In 1883, Frank Weston Benson enrolled at the Académie Julian in Paris where artists such as Bouguereau, Lefebvre, Constant, Doucet and Boulanger taught students from all over Europe and America. It was Boulanger who gave Benson his highest commendation. "Young man," he said, "Your career is in your hands . . . you will do very well." Benson's parents gave him a present of one thousand dollars a twenty-first birthday and told him to return home when it ran out. The money lasted long enough to provide Benson with two years of schooling in Paris, a summer at the seaside village of Concarneau in Brittany and travel in England where his painting, After the Storm hung at the Royal Academy. Listings wanted.

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