"Vase De Fleurs 1955" by Georges Braque - 🔥Ornately Framed
Color Lithograph
Vase De Fleurs 1955 Limited Edition Print by Georges Braque
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Vase De Fleurs 1955 Limited Edition Print by Georges Braque - 0
Vase De Fleurs 1955 Limited Edition Print by Georges Braque - 1
Vase De Fleurs 1955 Limited Edition Print by Georges Braque - 2
Vase De Fleurs 1955 Limited Edition Print by Georges Braque - 3
Vase De Fleurs 1955 Limited Edition Print by Georges Braque - 4

Vase De Fleurs 1955

Georges Braque

Limited Edition Print : Lithograph in Color on Wove Paper
Size : 14x10 in  |  36x25 cm
Framed : 24x20 in  |  61x51 cm
Edition : Not numbered

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Not Signed 

Condition Excellent 

Framed with PlexiglassOrnate Gold Tinted Wood With Inner Gold Colored In 

Purchased fromAuction House 2014 

Certificate of AuthenticityGlobal Fine Art 


Georges Braque - France

Art Brokerage: Georges Braque French Artist: B. 1882-1963. Georges Braque was one of the inventors of Cubism, as well as the collage, two artistic techniques that would open a crucial door into twentieth century art. Along with Picasso, Braque crossed traditional boundaries and worked toward something beyond abstraction; he strove to link abstraction to visual reality, and succeeded in doing so by pioneering the innovative techniques that changed modern art. Listings wanted.

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