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    United States

    Art Brokerage: Howard Bradford American Artist: b. 1919-2008. Howard Bradford, was an artist from Monterey, California. Howard Bradford was born in Toronto, Canada on July 14th, 1919 and moved, at a young age, to Los Angeles, California. He spent his youth raising chickens and growing dahlias, the influence of which can be seen in his later paintings. In his 20's Howard was inspired to become an artist by his mentor Elwood Decker. After serving in the Army during World War II, Howard took advantage of the opportunity provided by the GI bill and enrolled in Chouinard Art Institute. His artwork can be found in the permanent collections of several Museums including the Dallas Museum of Fine Arts, the Museum of Modern Art, NY, the New York Public Library, and the Crocker Art Gallery. Listings wanted.

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Gourds  1958 22x28 Original Painting - Howard Bradford

Howard Bradford

Gourds 1958 22x28

Original Painting: Oil on Canvas, Hand Signed

Size: 23x29 in  | 57x72 cm
🔥Framed Oil on Canvas
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Wanted: Howard Bradford

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