"Motorcycle 1993 - 10x7 Signed Twice - Early" by Howard Finster - 🔥Early 1993 Original Painting 1993 Signed Twice
Motorcycle  1993 - 10x7 Signed Twice - Early Original Painting by Howard Finster
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Motorcycle  1993 - 10x7 Signed Twice - Early Original Painting by Howard Finster - 0
Motorcycle  1993 - 10x7 Signed Twice - Early Original Painting by Howard Finster - 1
Motorcycle  1993 - 10x7 Signed Twice - Early Original Painting by Howard Finster - 2
Motorcycle  1993 - 10x7 Signed Twice - Early Original Painting by Howard Finster - 3

Howard Finster

Motorcycle 1993 - 10x7 Signed Twice - Early

Original Painting
Size : 0x10 x7 in  |  0x25 x18 cm

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Hand Signed 

Condition Excellent 

Not Framed 

Purchased fromOther 

Provenance / HistoryPurchased from Howard 

Story / Additional InfoPurchased from Artist at Paradise Garden 1993.  

Certificate of AuthenticityArt Brokerage 


Howard Finster - United States

Art Brokerage loves Howard Finster's paintings. We have a major original painting/panel from the fence at Paradise Garden for sale. Artist Howard Finster: As a little boy of three, Howard had his first vision while standing in the field of his Alabama home. He looked up and beheld his sister Abby descending from the clouds, steps appearing before her as she came and went. He called to her, unaware of any spiritual significance to his encounter. So began an incredible love affair between Howard and the Lord. A visionary man who freely shared his gift with anyone who took the time to care, Howard seemed a simple man, yet his wisdom was immeasurable. Warm and compassionate, he was loved by people of all ages, with little children holding a special place in his heart. Howard Finster had art showings all around the world, including the Smithsonian Institute. There are permenent displays of his work at the Library of Congress and at the High Museum in Atlanta. He taught many students in college workshops across the nation. His face graced the cover of the Wall Street Journal and he has been featured in innumerable magazines and newspapers, including Time, Life, Southern Living, NY Times, Chicago Times, Rolling Stone, and People. Sadly, Howard Finster passed away in 2001. We visited him in Georgia in 1995. Listings wanted by Art Brokerage.

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