United States

Mario Sanchez

"Suite: Garden Cigar Factory, Fresh Spanish Limes And Old Island Days"

Drawing Pencil on Brown Bag

Size: 17 x 23 in  | 43 x 58 cm
Edition: Original
Framed: Framed with Glass
Hand Signed: Lower Right

Mario Sanchez

"House At 923 11th Avenue"

Original Painting Oil on Wood Carving

Size: 20 x 24 in  | 51 x 61 cm
Edition: Original
Framed: Other Frame - Hand Made Wood Frame Etched By Artist
Hand Signed: Lower Right
Price On Request OBO

Mario Sanchez

"2 Sided Drawing on Grocery Bag"

Works on Paper (not prints) Pencil on Kraft Paper (Grocery Bag)

Size: 14 x 30 in  | 36 x 76 cm
Edition: Original
Framed: Framed with Plexiglass
Hand Signed: First Side Jazz And Hot Bollos Mario Sanchez: Second Side 'Part of My Old Neigh
$7,500 USD OBO