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    Art Brokerage: James Seeman Austrian Artist: b. 1914-1944. A painter in watercolors, muralist and wallpaper designer, Seeman was a native of Vienna, Austria, coming to the U.S. in 1938. Though trained in art in Austria, he took additional classes at the Pratt Institute of Art. He began designing scenic and decorative wallcoverings in the 1940s, founding James Seeman Studios, which he sold 30 years later, in 1973. The company sold and distributed his designs worldwide. He lived in Water Mill, Long Island with a winter residence in Miami, Florida. Listings wanted.

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Santa Maria Fella Salute Watercolor 1959 23x16 Watercolor - James Seeman

James Seeman

Santa Maria Fella Salute Watercolor 1959 23x16

Watercolor: Watercolor, Hand Signed

Size: 23x16 in  | 58x41 cm
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