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"Untitled Set of 4 Framed Paintings 1997 34x28" by Juergen Aldag - 🔥Abstract Set of 4 - Framed Originals Oil on Canvas - A Steal
Untitled Set of 4 Framed Paintings 1997 34x28 Original Painting by Juergen Aldag
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Untitled Set of 4 Framed Paintings 1997 34x28 Original Painting by Juergen Aldag - 0
Untitled Set of 4 Framed Paintings 1997 34x28 Original Painting by Juergen Aldag - 1
Untitled Set of 4 Framed Paintings 1997 34x28 Original Painting by Juergen Aldag - 2
Untitled Set of 4 Framed Paintings 1997 34x28 Original Painting by Juergen Aldag - 3

Untitled Set of 4 Framed Paintings 1997 34x28

Juergen Aldag

Original Painting : Oil on Canvas
Size : 32x26 in  |  81x66 cm
Framed : 34x28 in  |  86x71 cm

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Hand SignedSignature Lower Right on One of Four in a Set 

Condition Excellent 

Framed without GlassBlack Wooden Frames 

Purchased fromGallery 1997 

Certificate of AuthenticityArt Brokerage 


Juergen Aldag - Germany

Art Brokerage: Juergen Aldag German Artist: b. 1955-2006. After years of studying art in Germany and experimenting with various mediums, Aldag blended all of his talents and created his unique collection of fantasy art. He named my signature abstract art style: Defingismus, Latin for Changing the Form of Reality" The three, four and sometimes five dimensional layers of each canvas is sealed with glass like varnish. Sought after wildlife imagery was created with Visions of Africa photographer Alan Morgan. In 1988, after receiving a personal invitation from Siegfried and Roy in Las Vegas, Aldag flew from Germany to Las Vegas arriving in America for the first time. He came specifically to give them a private exhibition of his artworks. Roy was so impressed by his work that he told Aldag, "For every artist, there is a place in the universe; be patient and you will find your place among the stars!" Aldag painted many of the circus animals and celebrites of the 90's. Listings wanted.

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