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    Art Brokerage: Martin Di Girolamo Argentine Artist b. 1965. Martin Di Girolamo (b. 1965) began his artistic career by painting large size figurative paintings of amazing realistic detail. Later on, driven by his obsession with the female form, he initiated his own rendition of the Pygmalion/Galatea myth and felt compelled to give shape to two-dimensional imagery. Sassy, sexy and provocative, Martin Di Girolamo’s sculptures cleverly capture the glamorous image of 21st century beauty. Recalling the erotic nudes portrayed by Mel Ramos and Tom Wesselman, this young, Argentine sculptor defines new parameters of sensuality and eroticism - without employing traditional methods of working with a live model, Di Girolamo carefully constructs his realistically detailed resin casts from a vast selection of photographic images.With perfect bodies, provocative smiles and sexy clothes, his doll-like Girls are playful, candy colored, anatomically correct sculptures, around 4 feet high, standing goddess-like on pedestals at eye-level with the viewer. Invoking our curiosity, these clone-like temptresses seem to ooze seductive girl-power, yet put us on edge with their direct, confrontational stare. Their charms give way to a new mythology of sexuality and eroticism as Di Girolamo cleverly combines the kitsch eroticism of Pop Art with hyper-realistic detail and anime-like form, but their plastic nature reveals a disquieting look at the standards of 21st Century beauty, addressing body image issues such as plastic surgery and anorexia while drawing upon the pervasive presence of sex in advertising and an universal fascination with pornography.

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Victima Epoxy Sculpture  Unique 2004  25 in Sculpture - Martin Di Girolamo

Martin Di Girolamo

Victima Epoxy Sculpture Unique 2004 25 in

Sculpture: Masilla Epoxy, Enamel, Oil, Hand Signed, Unique

Size: 25x20x20 in  | 64x51x51 cm
🔥🔥Realism - Unique Sculpture - A Steal - 6 Watchers
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