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  • Vachagan Narazyan

    Russian Federation

    Art Brokerage: Vachagan Narazyan Russian Artist: b. 1957. Vachagan Narazyan was a major part of the non-conformist art movement of the Soviet Union. He was trained to paint in the classical traditional Social Realism style. Vachagan wanted to paint from his heart, soul and imagination. He disagreed with the Soviet dogma and the conformist ideals of the Stalinist. Following his beliefs he joined the Non-Conformist art movement. This movement consisted of a group of artists who painted in the Non-Traditional style, which was illegal under Soviet rule. Stalinist ideals dictate all art needs to depict everyday people working hard and being happy. The paintings also had to be painted in realistic, repsentational form. Stalinist ideals are against anything imaginary or controversial and against the status quo. Painting in the Non-Conformist style under Soviet rule, Vachagan put his life and his family's lives in jeopardy. His work first arrived in the United States smuggled by Dr. Norton Dodge. Dr. Dodge worked for the United States inside the USSR. He was the first person to bring the Non-Conformist to the free world. He owns over 10,000 paintings of the Non-Conformist including 50 of Vachagan's oils. A large portion of the collection was displayed at the Zimmerlie museum in New Brunswick, NJ in 1995. Vachagan Narazyan has only been showing in the United States for eight years. Listings wanted.

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Untitled 1995 13x12 Original Painting - Vachagan Narazyan

Vachagan Narazyan

Untitled 1995 13x12

Original Painting: Oil on Paper , Hand Signed

Size: 7x9 in  | 18x23 cm
🔥1995 Framed Oil on Paper - A Real Steal - Inquire
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Sad Clown Sitting on the Drum 1997 18x13 Original Painting - Vachagan Narazyan

Vachagan Narazyan

Sad Clown Sitting on the Drum 1997 18x13

Original Painting: Oil on Canvas, Hand Signed

Size: 14x9 in  | 36x24 cm
🔥1997 Framed Oil on Canvas - A Real Steal - Inquire - 5 Watchers
5 Watchers
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Untitled Painting 1998 22x17 Original Painting - Vachagan Narazyan

Vachagan Narazyan

Untitled Painting 1998 22x17

Original Painting: Oil on Canvas, Hand Signed

Size: 20x15 in  | 50x37 cm
🔥 Framed Oil on Canvas - 7=Watchers $4,995
8 Watchers
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