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    Art Brokerage: Emilija Pasagic Yugoslavian Artist: Emilija Pasagic is a native of Belgrade in the former Yugoslavia. As a child Pasagic was always painting and drawing. A friend of the family, who was an established painter, nurtured her fascination with art allowing her to visit his studio and delight in all the art materials and works in progress. Pasagic attended Belgrade University where she studied landscape architecture. While at the university she met her husband and after graduation the two worked together as designers. The move to Canada sparked an artistic rejuvenation. She quickly became involved in the vibrant Toronto art scene, joining "The Scollard Street Artistic Cooperative" and VAO (Visual Arts Ontario). Pasagic admires the works of many different artists but has a special appreciation for the works of Croatian painter Mersad Berber. She sees her artwork as a personal expression, an expression that is rooted in her love and fascination with people and their intricate relationships with each other. Pasagic works the surface of her paper and canvas with a variety of traditional and innovative techniques. Depending on her mood and what is available in her studio she can incorporate as many as a half dozen elements into each painting. Her technique involves a unique blending of bee’s wax and oil paint applied to paper, board or canvas. In this contemporary reference to the ancient technique of encaustic, the paint is sometimes blended into the hot wax, burnt into it or simply painted upon it. She often fuses paper and cloth into the pigments to create textures and uses gold leaf and various gels and mediums to add unique antique effects. The paintings take on depth and mystery with a balanced tension between texture and form. Listings wanted.

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Untitled Abstract Painting 2002 26x26 Original Painting - Emilija Pasagic NEW

Emilija Pasagic

Untitled Abstract Painting 2002 26x26

Original Painting: Mixed Media, Hand Signed

Size: 22x22 in  | 56x56 cm
🔥Framed Mixed Media - Inquire
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Untitled Abstract Still Life 40x60 - Huge Encaustic Painting Original Painting - Emilija Pasagic

Emilija Pasagic

Untitled Abstract Still Life 40x60 - Huge Encaustic Painting

Original Painting: Encaustic on Canvas, Hand Signed

Size: 40x60 in  | 102x152 cm
🔥Huge Encaustic on Canvas - 3 Watchers - Inquire Staff Favorite
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Tulip Paradise 2004 35x53  Huge Original Painting - Emilija Pasagic

Emilija Pasagic

Tulip Paradise 2004 35x53 Huge

Original Painting: Encaustic, Not Signed

Size: 30x47 in  | 75x120 cm
🔥 Huge Framed Abstract Encaustic - a Steal
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Still Life 2004 30x19 Original Painting - Emilija Pasagic

Emilija Pasagic

Still Life 2004 30x19

Original Painting: Encaustic on Paper, Hand Signed

Size: 23x12 in  | 57x30 cm
🔥Framed Encaustic - A Steal - Inquire
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Still Life 2004 30x19 Original Painting - Emilija Pasagic

Emilija Pasagic

Still Life 2004 30x19

Original Painting: Encaustic on Paper, Hand Signed

Size: 23x12 in  | 57x30 cm
🔥Framed Encaustic - A Steal - - Inquire
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Untitled Painting 22x12 Works on Paper (not prints) - Emilija Pasagic

Emilija Pasagic

Untitled Painting 22x12

Works on Paper (not prints): Original Mixed-Media on Paper, Hand Signed

Size: 22x12 in  | 56x30 cm
Signed Original Mixed Media on Paper $1,600
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